Thursday, October 13, 2011

I've got a fever...

... and the only prescription is more... PUMPKIN!

Carrot cake.
Banana Bread.
Pumpkin loaf.

Yum. What would happen if you combined all of these flavors into a yummy dessert... say a "milk" shake?

If that doesn't get you excited, then you might as well just stop reading... KIDDING! Just hear me out.
Lately I've been obsessed with pumpkin, sure partly because of the weather, but also because I am learning how awesome this fruit? veggie? is. I've never been a big fan, but boy am I now. I've put it in my oatmeal, puddings, yogurt, and sometimes spoon it straight from the can. Yup. That's how this pumpkin rolls.
This morning, after my workout, I went to make one of my shakes that I usually make post workout, and after a happy coincidence of ingredients, this is what I concocted.


I'll stop and just give you the recipe.

1/2 banana (frozen for a shake like consistency or just add ice)
1/4 C Pumpkin Puree
1/4 C Carrot juice (I use Bolthouse Farm Organic 100% Carrot Juice)
1/4 C So Delicious Coconut milk (or other milk of your liking)
Sweetener (I use 2 packets of stevia, 1-2 tablespoons of brown sugar would be yum too!)
1-2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
optional: Whipped topping (I used soy whip), walnuts

Throw all of this into your blender (I like love my Magic Bullet) and blend until smooth, delicious and awesome. Top with your favorite whipped topping and some walnuts if you dare. Enjoy! I sure did!

Nutritional Breakdown (without whipped topping and walnuts)
Calories: 121
Carbs: 26g
Fat: 1g
Protein: 3g
Sugar: 16g

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