Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Farmers Market, Soaps and Soup

I love going to the local farmers market and now that summer is coming to a close, sadly, so is the market. It's always fun to check out the local vendors and see what's new, I prefer to buy organic as well as support local businesses. Last weekend I made a quick trip to pick up some fresh fruits and veggies. I purchased some organic peaches, strawberries and blueberries. I walked over to the Star Acre Farms stand and picked up some squash and fresh basil.

I'm a sucker for soaps and lotions and the guy at Dope and a Rope Soap saw me coming from a mile away. I walked away from there with three bars of soaps and some Citrus Organic Moisturizing body cream made by Taspen's Organics.

One bar of soap was shaped like a fish and I couldn't resist picking it up for my mom, who is a collector of many things fish related.

The lotion is lovely, goes on well, not too greasy and absorbs fairly quickly without leaving your skin oily or sticky, just nice and soft. I loved when I opened the lotion it looked like vanilla butter cream frosting, anything that looks like frosting can't be bad!

I continued to walk around and sampled (my favorite part) yummy pastries and tasty treats. I grabbed some sweet corn and figured I'd better get out while I was ahead and only carrying one (very full) bag.

It just so happened that  la pure mama posted a Roasted Corn and Peach soup that day and since I had those ingredients, I knew I should try it. Yesterday was chilly and rainy, the perfect day for some soup so I whipped a batch.

I didn't have Thai chilies on hand, but had Serrano chillies, so I substituted and still tasted lovely, perfect for a chilly (almost fall) day. The sweet corn, peaches and basil complimented each other well, without being too sweet. I topped it off with a glass of Our Daily Red Organic red wine, not only a great tasting wine, but I also picked it up for $10! I was happy to find a reasonable priced organic wine that tasted great, but also can be used for cooking without feeling guilty (maybe that's just me, I would rather drink an expensive bottle of wine rather than cook with it!).

I have plenty of my own recipes 'cookin' and will be posting more soon, I've been sitting on this new blog for a while and even had a boring "First blog post" all typed up, but instead I thought I'd dive right in and go for it! I'm still tweaking with the look and feel of the blog, so and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Check back for more recipes, organic awesomeness, and follow me as I attempt to live a more sustainable and tasty organic lifestyle.